Bivouac, an artistic exploration of the site of La Rasude

From June 4 to 27, 2021, the BIVOUAC exhibition was an opportunity to open La Rasude district to the public and to present eleven projects by artists, architects or collectives created on site, inspired by the potential of the site, its uses or the vision of a reinvented habitat. The population of Lausanne and the Swiss public were invited to discover these works by taking an itinerary that will take them, accompanied by guides, to the discovery of the site and its many spaces that were previously off limits.

By taking a deliberately flexible and mobile form in reference to the improvised camp, BIVOUAC wishes to emphasize the fragile, light, agile and ephemeral aspects of the city. The bivouac is this space open to improvisation that we propose to explore, testifying to the capacity of a community to adapt and take its destiny in hand. In its own way, the bivouac thinks outside the restrictive and normative constraints of urban space to sketch out more spontaneous and light forms of architecture and functioning, suggesting new ways of making the city.

During 3 weeks, the public was invited to join the visits of the site and to discover the works created in dialogue with the site of La Rasude.

With the realizations of Andreas Kressig (CH), Anu Pennanen (FIN), Bastian Marzoli & Gregoire Guex-Crosier (CH), the collective la-clique (CH), Elise Indovino and Céleste Gangolphe (BEL), Gailing Rickling architects (CH), Nicolas Delaroche (CH), Sabine Zaalene (CH), Sébastien Tripod and Diego Sologuren (CH), Simon Deppierraz (CH), Tarik Hayward (CH) and Daniel Kötter (DE) as well as contributions from students of the Manufacture school and of the architecture section of the EPFL.